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Visa Reject From Immigration Department

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Hi please help me
i am apply for visit visa but my visa is rejected from immigration department
then my friend went to immigration office but they didn't help they just tell to my friend
my visa is rejected because my name match with any banned person then my friend ask
him how to clear this issue but they told we can't help due to security reason so please
help me i don't know how to solve this problem
if any one know how to solve then please let me know fast

my email :- [...]

  • Radeya Global

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    You may use the contact form on our website.

  • Rahul Goswami kullanıcısının profiline gidin

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    Thank you so much for your support and can i have your email id please so i can contact you and ya my email id is goswami dot rahul2000 ATgmail dot com

  • Radeya Global

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    The solution is simple and there is no need to be afraid. If you haven't been banned for any reason, and only your name matches some banned person, it means that the computer system rejects your visa due to that reason. All you have to do is go to the immigration department (Jafliya immigration department) and talk to the receptionist and explain your situation and they will guide you to the person authorized to clear people's names that have been "system banned" because their name matches a banned person's name.

    Are you currently in Dubai? If you're not in Dubai, then have your friend go to the immigration department and get your name cleared from "system ban." He should explain that you have been unable to get a visa because of system ban and that they should check and clear your name and remove the system ban. Once it is removed, reapply for visa.

    *For information purpose only. Not intended to be legal advice.

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    Hi Rahul, we can try to process your visa if you want. My email address id [...]

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