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Brazilian barbecues better than American ones?

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I was listening in on a conversation between a Brazilian and an American, and the American insisted that her country's barbecues were better than Brazilian ones. I've only ever had an American barbecue, but I sided with her anyway. Was I correct to do so?

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  • Rosimeire Silvano

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    Brazilian Steakhouses like Grill Hall Prazeres da Carne is the best Restaurant to try the best noble grilled beef cuts in Brazil. Brazilians use to call this tradition "barbecue" but comparing to American Barbecue is completly different. See

    American Barbecue are when the beef cuts are grilled like a hamburger that you can eat with bread.

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    Hello Adele Burgess surely the best barbecue in the world is here in Brazil Sao Paulo Brazil, here has many cuisines of various countries, I think the U.S. has deceived you do not understand or barbecue.

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