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Housemates wanted in 2011

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I will be moving to CPH in January/February 2011, to begin a MLIS degree. Are any other international students at Bachelor or Master level, arriving then? Bearing in mind the housing situation in the city (rubbish!) it might be useful to join forces and search for a place to share. I have been on Erasmus in Århus this year so have some grasp of the Danish language, and how things work, already.

I'm from Wales, in the U.K. My Bachelors is in archaeology, and for the first two years I studied in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am friendly and laid back; I love to cook, read and watch films, but I also like to watch live music and go dancing! I don't smoke, and expect my house mates to clean up after themselves, especially in the kitchen. I hope to share with friendly people who I can socialise, or moan about school/work etc with, if the need arises.

Let me know if you're interested - tell me something about yourself and we can begin looking at places later in the year.
Thanks, Ffion

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    We have room for rent KING BED for only around 300 euro per month
    If you would like more info please visit us at
    Thank you! Best regards Daniel! :)

  • David Gorman

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    hi Ffion
    My name is David, i am from Ireland and currently studing at the university in Galway, i am doing an erasmus at the university in Copenhagen also from the beginning of February. I would be interested in teaming up with you for some house searching. I am studing film and arts, i am hoping to do documentary filmmaking in Denmark. I pretty much enjoy all the things you mentioned yourself. So if your interested let me know, I can ellabrate on myself then.
    Thanks David

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