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Looking for a danish friend!

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Hi, I'm originally from Venezuela but I have lived these last years between Spain ( Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante), France ( París) and Finland ( Turku). I just moved to Copenhagen and I would love to meet someone to make a language exchange and a cultural exchange. I speak English, French some finnish and of course spanish. I like reading, running, dancing, travelling, listening music, and a lot of etc. Do you live in Copenhagen and do you have time to meet up once-twice a week? Do you want to improve your Spanish and learn about spanish-french-venezuelan-finnish cultures? If your answer is yes don't hesitate to write me an email with few words about you and I'll be glad to answer you back. My email : luz_anaya_f@hotmail



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    Thank you! Daniel. :)

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    Hi Katrina,

    I'm very glad you answer me. I did know if this website works well or not. Anyway, I have send you a friend invitation to facebook. I also have a lot of free time so, for me we can meet any day. Is there any popular meeting point in the city? I dont really know places where to meet but we can start having a tea in the city, I guess you'll know some places. It's monday ok for you? Let's say at 16.00?



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