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Irp online renewal issue..

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Can anyone advise on how to go about this.

My CSEP was applied on 30 June, and no update was received towards the end of July and my Stamp 1G was nearing expiry so I applied for its renewal on 26 July. My CSEP was approved on 31st July 2020 just a few days after my IRP submission.

My CSEP is now in effect as of 29 Sep and I'm unable to apply for Stamp 1 online as the I receive the error "Your expiry date should be no more than one month from today's date", and this error does not allow me to proceed to the payment page either.

I could not find any where else or how to go about this as I did not receive any reply from Burgh Quay office having tried to reach them via email, and Change of permission stamp/registration email as well.

I'm thinking of sending the documents via post to Burgh Quay with a letter explaining the situation as I'm unable to submit for renewal via the online portal.

Any thoughts on how to go about this.

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