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Volunteering on Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands in general

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My girlfriend and I are currently on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain. We have a dream to eventually start our own organic goat cheese farm. We have been traveling around Europe volunteering on a variety of different farms in order to learn more about goat husbandry and farming in general, as well as looking out for land in order for us to start our own farm.

We thought that there is a chance someone on this board might have some knowledge about farms in Gran Canaria or the Canary Islands in general. Does anyone know of any farms who would like 2 volunteers to work hard on their farm in exchange for just food and accommodation? Normally we use or to find such farms. WWOOF and HelpX are online organisations where farms can advertise for volunteers. However the Canary Islands, unlike France, mainland Spain, England and Israel where we have volunteered for long periods before, does not have many subscribers to these websites.

We have a lot of experience on goat farms and farms in general. From 2008-2010 I worked at an organic goat cheese farm in Galilee, Israel. I milked over 200 goats here by hand twice a day, helped make cheese and looked after the goats, as well as helping to expand the farm through various construction projects. I also built the farm a very successful website that you can see at

If no one knows of any farms that might be interested in some volunteers, perhaps someone knows of someone else who may be able to help us?

Muchas gracias,

Leo y Clara

  • daniela van veeren

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    hallo Leo en Clara,

    heel indrukwekkend jullie website en de film.Complimenten voor alles wat jullie doen.
    In Tenerife, Adeje , is iedeer zaterdag en zondag een boerenmarkt ( agromercado ) .Daar heb ik een boerenkaas ontdekt die heerlijke kaas maakt. Misschien betekent iets voor jullie ! Het bedrijf heet

    met vriendelijke groeten,


  • Shoshana P kullanıcısının profiline gidin

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    Hola Leo!
    My husband and I would be very interested in any suggestions you have for goat cheese farms where we can do a work/cultural exchange. We're currently living in Oaxaca, Mexico working with subsistence farmers here. However, we'll be visiting family in Toulousse in June, then are hoping to travel to a farm to stay for 1 month. We're especially interested in working in Basque country, either French or Spanish. The first most important criteria for us is working with goats (and possibly sheep too), and the second most important criteria is that we're working with a positive and happy family or group of people. We'd be very grateful for any recommendations! Thanks so much, and good luck to you and Clara in the Canaries! Please let us know if you discovered any work exchanges there too!

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