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Looking for a place to rent in OTTAWA !

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Hi everybody !

We are 3 french students, coming in Ottawa for a semester as exhange students from August 2014 to December 2014. We are looking for an apartment or a house to live, max 550 euros per month per person. We have no problem with living with other people :) Please contact us !


  • Amanda lauridsen

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Ontario forumu 

    There's a lot of good places that you can check in OTTAWA you just need to go there and check it your selves so you would know if it fits on you or not!


  • Gaël Gaël kullanıcısının profiline gidin

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Ontario forumu 

    vous avez regardé le site
    pour votre info les loyers sont beaucoup moins chers à gatineau qu'ils le sont à ottawa

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