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What's the average salary of an official in Portugal?

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Hi, I'm here for a little time and I was wondering what an official earns in Portugal. Just in case an employer asks this question in a job interview.
Thanks in advance for a reply

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  • Saul Rodrigues

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    Salaries can vary, like in most countries...
    Skilled professionals can get well payed... although some jobs are much more well payed than others. It's up to supply and demand, and lobbies or union power.
    Non-skilled tasks are in most cases poorly paid.

    The unemployment rate is now huge, due to this issue you all know...

    Don't believe what is told in the news! That problem of the people here earning 14 salaries per year. OK... the minimum wage being approximately 500€ per month x 14 = 7000. This is the actual yearly income for a non skilled person... Need to say more? Thank you.

    Who earns good money in Portugal? Lawyers, doctors, most engineers, most teachers (even if they disagree on that they actually are well payed), stevedores, pilots, train pilots, medium and top management personnel in most areas.
    The problem really is the gap between the less skilled jobs and the well payed ones.

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