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What's the cost of living in Portugal?

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I would like to exchange some information about the cost of living in Portugal. I'm considering studying abroad and therefore let's take into account the following aspects:

- accomodation
- public transport
- food
- education
- leisure (cinema, bars, sports,..)

Thanks in advance for your participation

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  • Saul Rodrigues

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    Here it goes some answer for those in need for it. Prices for:

    Accomodation: Cheaper in the surroundings of the main cities except or Braga where is really cheap. A house with 1 bedroom can cost from 300€ or 500€ in Lisbon, depending on the neighborhoods, 400€ in "linha de Cascais" (Cascais, Esstoril, SIntra, and so on), and 300€ in "linha de Sintra" (Sintra, Cacem, Queluz,Amadora) or "margem Sul" (Almada, Seixal). The prices increase according to the conditions of the house and the distance to Lisbon. In Lisbon vary according to the neighborhoods. Avoid some areas at all cost! Get informed first before going there.
    Add roughly a minimum of 100€ per bedroom to the price.
    A very decent 2 bedroom apartment in a regular area in Lisbon without private parking will cost roughly 600€. In Oeiras, Cascais or surroundings it will cost the same but you will always have better areas and more parking available.

    Public transport: in Lisbon is cheap. Monthly pass for underground and buses start on 34€, a single trip costs 1.10€ roughly. Train to Cascais or Sintra costs between 1.2€ and 1.8€.
    Buses outside Lisbon cost much more.

    Food: oranges, apples, pears, etc. from 60 cents to 1.5€. Kg of chicken 2€; Kg of pork 3€; beef steak 8€; milk Lt 50 to 65 cents; rice 90 cents; pasta 500grs 45 cents; potatoes 50 cents; butter 250gr 1,30€; olive oil 2€; sugar 1.1€; breakfast cereals 375gr start on 1.4€; small bread 24 cents, traditional bread 600grs 1€.

    Cinema 5€ to 7€ depending on day of the week, or instace.
    Cafe: espresso coffee 60 cents to 70 cents; coffee with milk (galão) 90cents, plain water 90cents; sparkling 1€ to 1.2€; small draft beer 90cents bottle of beer from 1€, 1.3€. 7up, coke, juice, 1.2€; cakes like Berlim Balls or croissants and many others start at 90cents; ham or cheese sandwich start on 1.70€; soup can start at 1.2€, 1.5€; a complete meal will cost from 5€. But in most places complete meal costs 7.5€.

    Bars: Beer from 2€, whisky gin or vodka will range from 3.5€ to 10€. Some places like the trendy bars and dance clubs ask for minimum spending that starts on 5€, can be 10€ or 20€, always giving you a drink in return. It's up to you. The funny thing is that they can never ever say you are not allowed in so... they ask you to pay in according to your looks and style. If they like you, you are welcome to get in freely. If they don't like you, they may ask 300€ to let you in.

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