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Study in Public School while Dad works at home

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We have a bit of a unique situation (though less so these days) in that I work from home and can do so from anywhere and I want my daughters to study in Taiwan for a few months in the next couple of years. Our older daughter (12) studied there in a public school for 3 months late last year. I want her to return and also take our younger daughter as well (who is now 11) probably at the end of next year. My wife and I went for a few weeks too, so researched a bit what it would take for us to return as a family and live their while they did a short-term study (last time our older daughter went with her Taiwanese school, this time we'd not want to do it that way). I understand for conversations with school officials in Taiwan that i would need residency in order for them to go to public school there. Looking online, it looks like there might be other ways, but I would need to prove my employment, which shouldn't be a problem. Just wondering about any advice I might receive from this group regarding such an adventure. We're a close-knit family and we loved Taiwan and would all like to travel and work on our Mandarin and get to know the culture better the second time around.

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