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Personal guide, assistant and driver in Dnepropetrovsk at $5/hour or $50/day

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I am 37 years old.
My avantages are: high quality and low rates.
I speak English (fluent), German (very good to fluent), French (good), Italian (good), Spanish (good), Greek (very good to fluent), Polish (good) and Turkish (good).
Most of my time, I work as a private entrepreneur (I have 2 shops: one in Dnepropetrovsk and another one in Kiev), but I enjoy communicating with foreign people a lot.
Since interpreting is just a hobby of mine, I will be willing to do this job at lower rates compared to other interpreters.
I am at your disposal at any time of a day. As any good guide should be, I am easy-going, open-minded, reliable and loyal to customer.
I have my own business. I have been a private entrepreneur for 7 years now. So, I will be especially useful for business people visiting Ukraine. I can tell a lot of interesting things about business in Ukraine.
I am Twins by Zodiac. My hobbies: yoga (every day I get up at 6:00 and do yoga for 3 hours), foreign languages, traveling to other countries to meet new people and enjoy the nature.
I have visited USA (one year's stay), Japan (business trip), Germany (1 month's stay), Poland (3 business trips), Greece (5 business trips), France (2 business trips), Egypt (3 trips on business and tourism), Turkey (2 trips as a tourist), Uzbekistan (3 business trips and 1 trip as a tourist).
I am married and have 2 children (16 and 18 years old daughters).
Please contact me with any questions at +380 67-537-48-71 (viber, whatsapp), skype: ulyanov1979.

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