Sasha Graham's Spirited Away Psychic And Paranormal Event


Barrow's Intense NY Tasting Room

86 34th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11232, United States Map

Sasha Graham's Spirited Away Psychic and Paranormal Event returns on Tuesday, September 26th so join NYC's premier metaphysical authors and intuitives for a glorious evening of craft cocktails, magical shopping, and paranormal fun! Psychic, tarot, and crystal readings will be available and charms, oils, and witchy vintage clothing will be for sale.

Psychic Medium Group Reading with Heather Carlucci
Tarot and Magic with Rhonda Alin
Love Readings with Whitney Kobrin
The Dancing Oracle
Tarot Readings by Angelo
Palm and Oracle Readings by Gera
Luna Wisdom Readings by Kayla
Psychic and Tarot Readings with Gina Jean
Charms and Tarot by Dina Berrin
Mediumship Tarot Readings with Anabelle's Wynd
Tarot Readings by Nicole Colella
Crystal Readings by Trinity
Citizen Suzie Vintage Witch Pop Up Shop


Price: Free: USD 0.00

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality

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