Sparkasse 3 Country Marathon, Germany 2019



88131 Lindau, Lindau, 88131 Map

How about running through three different countries in one course meanwhile enjoying a fantastic environment?

In this race the organizers offer five routes - both walking and running -, with varying distances, all at the same start at Lindau harbour in Germany. Therefore this race suits everyone - whether you are a first time-runner or running for a personal best, or even looking for a nice walk. This is a flat race and you will run mainly around the lake, and during the course you will be surrounded by beautiful, snow capped mountains. You will also pass the world’s largest open theater, where the latest James Bond was filmed.

The marathon starts from the beautiful harbour of Lindau, then passes through the Austrian towns Bregenz, then it crosses the Swiss border at St. Margreten and continues across the Rhine embankment and finally finishes at the Casino Stadium in Bregenz. The marathon was first from 2001 to 2005 under the name of three-country marathon in October.

The race will take place in the 6th of October 2019. Register and book your ticket today!

On Sunday October 6, 2019 at 10:30 am (ends 3:00 pm)

Category: Sports / Leisure - Running


Marathon Tickets: EUR 70.0
Half Marathon Tickets: EUR 46.0

Venue: Lindau, 88131 Lindau, Lindau, 88131



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