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    Hi to all :-) -> please read and go in contact with me - thanks :-)

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    coming from bucuresti at the 30.06.2020, first burgas , next warna , as last year, visiting - bulgarian properties - as last year an BUY , beside this i will make a social community , because at varna is a house for little children without parents , i was osme years ago at the door. i will visit this with the assistance of a german speaking woman which works in burgas at a very little shop :-) and i will make her the offer for a contract because she told me , i want to be a oficial translator at the justice. nest i will buy a scooter for better driving , by leasing or second hand , beacusde a business licence from ger-many i have made year before for 20 euro at the primary at bad krozingen , near freiburg im breisgau . . . .
    so go in contact with me IF YOUR WISH IS REAL & or check facebook i have a real name account ther -> reginaldo stückner :-)

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