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    15 months on and what a difference a year and a quarter brings. The Russler awaits sentencing on 16 August - not for fraud or theft as you may think but something infinitely worse from 1992/1993 (you can see that The Russler is not new to breaking the law but must have thought that he'd got away with this one or 3 as it turns out- !!) Sentencing will involve his name going on a list. He must have thought that he was well in the clear but things do have a habit of catching up. He is back at his wife's, presumably, being the terms of his bail. He/she must have found money from somewhere to post bail which I would have thought would be quite high in light of the crime he is convicted of. Will update this post after 16 August - I will ring the Crown Court office to get the information from them direct so there are no mistakes resulting in incorrect or misleading information posted. If I cannot clarify the information with the court I will not post it
    As I mentioned things catching up - I will certainly be catching up with The Russler when he becomes available again. He overcharged me for my property - documents say I paid 1,500 lev - he charged me 5.000 GBP (10,000 lev) He also had 5,000 GBP for renovation work - first job was to support gable end which had a hole in it. He didn't and now we have a house that needs demolishing and re-building. He has so far reimbursed 1,000 GBP of this. So I reckon he still owes us 4,000 GBP + another 3,000 on overcharging in the first place
    I don't understand why the man wasn't content with his nice little number in Ruse. Nice business, nice life. Why soooo greedy I will never know

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