• Davis Jones


    پوسٹڈ بايئ  Davis Jones انرر قطر فورم 

    Dear Abdulla,

    First may i thank you for being honest and looking for the same category person, but i wanna ask you some few Questions,, What type of Business do u desire to start?

    2: Are able to invest out of the country if given chance?
    3: Do you have prefference/nationality or Age limit for the Optimistic person willing to join your Business?
    4: Last but not least if you are ready for anyone even someone out of the country i would like to meet you in person or we discuss the issue of what type of business ,even if am able to invest it myself but i can advice on the capable person to do it with my advice and directions based on my experiences.

    Till then you can also reach me on this mail [...]
    Hope to talk soon.
    Nice day!

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