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    Friends in der Schweiz

    پوسٹڈ بايئ  Pauline Pham انرر سوئٹرزلینڈ فورم 

    Genau (exactly) Claudio!!! I've been here since August and can validate what you say. My partner is Swissie and I know from him that lifelong friends are the most important to him (ie.school friends, uni friends, friends he's known for 10years) and there is not much room for "new" friends. I've got instant access to his network of friends and I can tell you that once they like you and trust you, they are very sincere and generous and will stand by you. We lived in Australia for a couple of years (ok, I lived there my whole life, but with him a couple of years) and he made friends but the level of friendship was not so deep and when he went through a tough period, not all those friends could be relied upon, and that I think is the difference between people who tell you you're their "mate" (friend) instantly (very Australian!) vs people who are slow to befriend but then are a true friend. So good friendships take time to develop. It is probably faster to make friends from the expat community though, but don't give up on the Swissies! :-)
    PS. Loud, obnoxious, self-promoting people will have less chance of making friends with Swiss who tend to be conservative and possess much humility.

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