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Ali .
 Ali .
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i don't care how you look or how much you have or from where you come from ..I ONLY care how HUMAN being you are and How Human you would treat others ....... . I believe if you Change Your thoughts Your Destiny will Changed .
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Arabic, English
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47 سال
Austria, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Shenzhen, Bremen, Riyadh, Ajmān, Al Ain, Dubai


Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Dining out, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Bowling, Football, Swimming, Volleyball, Walking/Hiking, Camping Driving 4X4 Cars Sand Dune bashing Off roading
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Any Type that could touch the soul
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پسندیدہ کتابیں:
The Secret
جو چیزیں مجہے پسند ھیں:
Nature, New ppl .
جو چیزیں مجہے نا پسند ھیں:
Racist ppl,violence, interrupter ppl
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