Liliane M

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Liliane M
 Liliane M
میں رہنا:
Frankfurt (Germany)
English, Italian, Spanish
آپ ڈھونڈ رھے ہیں:
Germany, Frankfurt, Zürich

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  • Haidong Ma
     Haidong Ma

    hi, I am from China.
    want be a friend with people who stay on Zurich.

  • Miguel Febres
     Miguel Febres

    Let me know when you are back in Swiss.


  • ask me the usual suspect
     ask me the usual suspect

    just passing by and saying "hello"

  • polok khan
     polok khan

    from netherlands and alll the european countries

  • polok khan
     polok khan

    hey i am polok i want just wanna know about the bachelors and masters programmes in all sectors are recognized all around the world

    plz reply soon
    thank you

  •  Renzo Navarro

    que bella eres, seria grandioso conocerte

  •  Fabian Suarez

    tu sabes hablar aleman tambien??? mucho gusto en conocerte soy fabian

  • Anoj Munidasa
     Anoj Munidasa

    Have a nice day


    Hello liliane which part of Switzerland are you from?
    I love your country I use to visit it evert year.What do you do in germany and how do you like it overthere?Tell me more about your hobbies.Love ,Jo.

  • waleed Arayis
     waleed Arayis

    great resarch

  • K S
     K S

    Hello, how are you finding Frankfurt, how long you been here?

  • Liliane M
     Liliane M

    Welcome on my wall! Leave a note if you pass by...