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Traveling through India by Train?

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I will follow a yoga teacher training course in India, Khajuraho, in a few weeks with Arhanta Yoga Ashram. I will land in New Delhi and should take a train or flight to Khajuraho. Train is much cheaper, but does anyone have any experience with traveling with train in India? Is it safe? And comfortable? Thanks for your advice!

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Pallav  Yadav

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    You can book 1st AC. Which will be equivalent to Airfare in India. But going by train has its own advantages as you will have more time to see many things before your final destination. It's totally safe.

  • Tour Delhi

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    Hey! Plan to be Delhi to Shimla by train. Shimla is a very destination place for Honeymoon traveling and holiday enjoyed places.

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của pincode

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    Yes, train is cheaper than other mode of transport to reach Khajuraho from Delhi. Book 3 tier, 2 tier or 1st class A/C tickets to reach your destination with comfortable.

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của sharan singh

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    Yes you can take train for your travel. It is much safe and secure for you. If you didn't wish to take train, you can hire a professional taxi for it, not cheaper but more comfortable.Taxis are available on New Delhi airport exits.

  • Gerd Drexhage

    đăng bởi  trong  Ấn Độ diễn đàn 

    Hi Omkar, Yes travel by train in India is safe if you travel 2nd class Aircondition. Otherwise it is very uncomfortable in the heat. The compartments can be very cold in the night specially, so take some blanket along. As a tourist you can ask for tourist quota, and you will get a seat, even if the train is regularly full. They always reserve seats for tourists... Enjoy your time. Only drink bottles water in the train.....

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