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Al Ain Calling!! There's someone alive?!?!?

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I'm a italian guy live here with my wife from a few months but i immediately understood that Al Ain is boring city for who come from outside, no activities, no events and no social life but anyway i saw on the roads and in the malls a lot of foreign maybe there's someone in our same situation therefore we are youngs and full of will to do if there's another couple interested to contact us, please feel free...bye

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của mohamed basha

    đăng bởi  trong  Al Ain diễn đàn 

    im mohamed from egypt work in alain from 4 years if u need any help im here i like italia too much my father worked in italia and i was there

  • Midhat kilani

    đăng bởi  trong  Al Ain diễn đàn 

    we just back from Europe two weeks ago and now we are settled here are also new in Al Ain?

  • đăng bởi  trong  Al Ain diễn đàn 

    I am in Alain and alive. Did u and ur wife move to al ain?

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