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Hai Tej

Thanx for your prompt reply.Iam aware that Ayurveda is flourishing in Germany.There are genuine Ayurvedic panchakarma centres too in Germany.

Nice to know your interest in this science.Sure we can discuss more about the opportunities.

Regards n wishes


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  • đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Dear Sofi

    Iam not in Germany.Iam looking for an opportunity to have my career in Germany.If you get any infos regarding this plz get back to me.


  • Sofia Cartner

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Dear Priya,
    Thanks a lot for your kind idea,for address,surely i'll go because I would like to have panchakarma treatment and same time I'm looking ayurvedic herbal medicine store...
    Are you living in Germany?
    Have a nice day
    Thanks again
    Warm regards

  • đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Hi Sofia

    Nice knowing you.I have just heard about the centres though I hvnt visited any personally.

    Still I can give the idea.Just check with VILLA VEDA AYURVEDA CENTRE-BISSENDORF-GERMANY.

    They are giving PANCHAKARMA TREATMENTS.Inform me about your experience after visiting the centre.


  • Sofia Cartner

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Hi Pria

    I'm looking for Panchakarma centres in Germany. Please if you 've some addresses let me about becasue I plan to go to germany for treatment.Thank you.
    my e-mail [...]

  • Hello

    đăng bởi Người dùng đã bị xoá trong  Đức diễn đàn 


    Thanx for your guidance.Sure will contact you in future.


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