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Christian Gasper - German (Deutsch) Scammer Rips Off Usd $250 000!

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Deutschland Scammer Christian Gasper (UK Scam alias Allen Martin) has scammed over USD $250 000 from more than 100 people (worldwide)! Each victim was scammed in the region of USD $997 - USD $4997! I was one of his victims. The average amount scammed per person is calculated to be USD $2500! .By checking his domains, we found out that he is currently staying in Wiesbaden, Hesse (Hessen), Germany (Deutschland).

LIVE VIDEO PROOF of his Internet Scam can be found at

Christian Gasper used an English name "Allen Martin" for his first scam and became notorious for “Allen Martin Scam”. The total amount scammed for “Allen Martin Scam” is estimated to be more than USD $250 000!

Thereafter, he has used the following aliases for other similar online scams:
- Allan Martin (used twice)
- John Malcolm
- Johnny West
- Christian Gasper
- Mark Newman

1st Update - 15th May 2017
2nd Update – 7th September 2017

From July 2016 to August 2017, Chris has been involved in a total of 6 Internet Scams, most of which were his Done For You (DFY) Business and Coaching Scams.

I would like to take this opportunity to expose him and prevent more people from being scammed from the same Internet Fraud.

His face:


If you are interested to know more about how Christian Gasper scammed us, you can read the full story at:



1st Scam (July 2016 - September 2016)

Christian used a fake name "Allen Martin" and claimed to have a company called "Allen Martin Consulting Marketing" registered in Greenwich High Rd 21, Greenwich, London 06831, United Kingdom. It was only after his "Allen Martin Scam" was reported at ripoff website did I know his real name was Christian Gasper.

Some of his victims used to check on his domains and got his private info before Christian bought domain privacy to hide his information.

Christian had 3 different addresses registered in Hesse: Mainz, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Lahnstrasse 18, Wiesbaden, 65195 is his most current address. His associated phone is +49.17630681991.

In a nutshell, Christian had a website (scammer has deleted website) used for getting people to sign up for his free Internet Marketing Courses. Once signed up, he began sending emails everyday, promoting his business. He claimed to setup an online business making $100/day, $200/day, $600/day and $1000/day for his clients within 6-8 weeks. The more money you pay him, the more money you will make. He charged $997-$4997 depending on which business model the client wanted.

Christian Gasper Deutschland had built up a reputation for himself using the name "Allen Martin" in Internet Marketing for the past 2 years and had released some make money online products with credible reviews. He also mentioned he was charging at a low price for such a profitable business as he needed some testimonials. The next time, he would charge $9997 and above for his services. To make you feel secure, he gave a faked "triple money back guarantee" should the business fail.

As such, many of us fell for the "Allen Martin Scam". Christian gave all sorts of excuses to delay his service and eventually deleted most of his websites, social media profiles ( - deleted) and email support at iamallenmartin dot com (deleted) associated with the scam. He stopped posting at a make money online forum called Warriorforum from his Allen Martin account (

In due time, some of us who got scammed reported him to ripoff site and the website was established to expose his internet fraud.

With little bits of info from everyone who got scammed, we came to know that Christian Gasper deceived Paypal and our credit card company by providing faked evidence of sending a "make money online physical item" to our addresses. That is why most of us failed with our disputes and chargebacks.

Most of us who got scammed have reported Christian Gasper's Email Marketing Scam to the FBI, FTC and UK police (as scammer provided a UK address).

We have also reappealed our disputes and chargebacks with reference to and ripoff website so hopefully we would all get our money back.

Online Complaints of his 1st internet scam: (Read comments)

2nd Scam (December 2016)

Christian Gasper started a new round of scam in December 2016. He pretended to be "Allan Martin" living in New Port Richey, US. Those of us who got scammed earlier on received exactly the same 20-30 promotional emails from "Allan Martin" so we know Christian Gasper is at it again! "Allan" strongly promoted his make money online products that cost a few hundred bucks.

His websites:


3rd Scam (March 2017-April 2017)

In March-April 2017, we started receiving make money online spammy emails from "John Malcolm" from (deleted). Well, we know it is really Scammer Christian Gasper again behind the scene who wrties the same list building content and CPA stuffs and emails the same email subscribers again and again.

We google "" and found a person called "Johnny West" promoting at the Warrior Forum. It is quite clear that Johnny West and John Malcolm are faked aliases used by Christian for his 3rd scam.

His websites and profiles: (deleted) (John Malcolm's account)
"John Malcolm" has a new phone number in March 2017 for his new scam - 0049683173851.

Again, Christian copied and pasted other people's photos on his coaching website with faked reviews like "Jon make $30 000 within 2 months of taking my coaching" (see website). He used his Johnny West Warrior Forum account to try to get victims to his website (deleted) and where he will sell his Done For You DFY Business Scam and Coaching again!

He is now trying to scam big - USD $5000 and $8000 per person by guaranteeing $20 000 for a Done For You (DFY) Business with 30 days Again! Payment is by bank wire to his Payoneer Account only:

Account holder: Christian Gasper
Account Number: 0633404
IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany

He will give an excuse "Payment to my business partner Christian Gasper" and once you bank wire the money, he will be gone!

Christian Gasper Deutschland Scammer got exposed on ripoffreport site for his latest scam:



4th Scam (April 2017)

In April 2017, Christian Gasper sent an email to his subscribers, revealing that he is "Christian Gasper" and "Allen Martin is my pen name". He claimed that he would be honest from now on and pleaded us to give him a 2nd chance. Well, do you think you deserve a 2nd chance after scamming a few thousand dollars from each of us?

Christian did not say a single word about his previous internet marketing scams. He thought he could get away with it easily.

He sent up a new website and facebook profiles but as expected, all of them got deleted after a short time due to numerous complains from previous victims of his scams: (deleted) (deleted) (deleted) (deleted)

5th Scam (May 2017)

Christian Gasper goes back to being "Allan Martin" again! He sent emails to us using the same name "Allan Martin" that he used for his 2nd scam. The email address he used is allan at . Sooner or later, we expect him to psycho us into buying his salesfunnelanatomy products or Done For You DFY Business products which are all scams.

"Allan Martin" now used the following websites for his online scams:

6th Scam (End July - August 2017)

The 6th Scam can be known as the “Mark Newman’s Scam”

By the end of July 2017, Christian Gasper briefly tried to re setup his website and opened a few social media accounts on facebook, youtube and Instagram. He gave up after ex-victims of his exposed his scams on the FB comments section. Thereafter, he deleted most of the content on

Go here for more details -

At the beginning of August 2017, Christian started a new email marketing scam using the alias “Mark Newman”. Once again, the scam model is similar to his Allen Martin Scam, This time round, he sold his Mark Newman Email Marketing Business and Coaching in his emails.

The salespage and purchase links:

Mark Newman promised to make one $1000/day within 1 month of setting up the Email marketing business but charged only $997 for the business setup and $397 for coaching. This is clearly an outright scam! No businessman in the right frame of mind would sell a $30k per month business for only $997+$397!

By the end of August, Mark Newman came up with another scam - the 12 Minute Commission Scam. Mark announced in his emails that he is launching the product 12 Minute Commission at

He claimed you could make $200 per day easily 24 hours after learning his ingenious money making method. Again, fake promises to get you ready to put money into his wallet as fast as possible! The product sells at only $7 but there is a funnel later to get you to buy more of his other scam products.

Within the funnel, there is again the Done For You Campaign and 1-1 coaching which we all knows that Christian Gasper is infamous for. One could get scam over $2000 if one purchase all his products!

Before long, Mark Newman’s real identity was exposed and his planned 12 minute commissions scam was ruined. Facebook banned his and warriorplus stopped his 12 minute commission scam.

Go here for more details -

In a nutshell, Christian Gasper used the following names or aliases for his different online scams:
1st scam – Allen Martin
2nd scam – Allan Martin
3rd scam – John Malcolm, Johnny West
4th scam – Christian Gasper
5th scam – Allan Martin again
6th scam- Mark Newman

I have compiled Christian Gasper's Warrior Forum profiles below. He like to hook up victims for his scams at the Warrior Forum: (John Malcolm)

Beware of the Serial Internet Scammer!

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Danny Simpson

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Hi Frank, thank for your your advice. we will follow it closely.

    InternetBetrug Email Betrug Deutschland Scammer Christian Gasper Abgeräumt von USD $ 250 000 von unschuldigen Menschen durch das Schreiben von Beispiel-E-Mails! (Scammer bleibt in Hessen, Wiesbaden)

    Volles Forum Post:

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Frank (confidential)

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    As he is conducting criminal activities in Germany, only reporting him to the German police will help.
    If you really want him to be caught and penalized soon, you better do what I recommended!

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Danny Simpson

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your kind advise regarding the German Law and the precautions needed against internet scams

    For those of us in Europe who got scammed by Christian Gasper, we have submitted our reports at as the scammer provides a UK address for his company "Allen Martin Consulting Marketing".

    For those located in US, we have reported him to FBI at
    and FTC at

    We hope that with sufficient reports against Christian Gasper, the authorities will report him to the German Police and the German Police will be pressurized to go after him.

    Not to forget that Paypal will most likely report him to the German Police as they are refunding the victims with their own money. Christian Gasper had withdrawn all paypal balances to his German bank.

    We are posting our story to expose Christian Gasper's Internet marketing scam in the hope that less people will get scammed by the same person or the same method.

    We are quite sure that he is still scamming people underground with some other aliases.

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Frank (confidential)

    đăng bởi  trong  Đức diễn đàn 

    You didn't follow this old piece of wisdom:
    If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    Instead of posting the story here, which opens you up for defamation suits as you make legally unproven (as of yet) allegations, you and other damaged parties should report to the police and follow proper legal procedures.
    Please note that, to get your money back (IF it can e recovered, which is questionable to say the least) you need, by German law, not just criminal proceedings (which may result in him getting punished or jailed, but not in reimbursements to claimants) but a private claim suit against him as well. For this you need to engage a German lawyer.

    Most Internet scams, incl. this one, are easy to avoid by applying a minimum of common sense and a few simple rules, the most important of which is to never pre-pay for services or items - unless the seller is a well-known and established Internet organisation like Amazon, or offers comprehensive buyers' protection like Ebay..

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