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Learning German

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Hello Everyone!

I come from a German family but was brought up more in the United States, It's been so long since I've really spoken or used the language that I find myself stuck in my head trying to organise my thoughts. I would love to find some friends whom I could learn to speak more of a variety of the language outside of bare essentials. Or maybe some guidance on learning materials. I can't wait to visit this summer.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.


  • Kuldeep Tiwari

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    Dative and accusative seem to be a struggle, especially for English speaking students. You are not alone and this blog will give you insights and a better understanding of the seemingly challenging concept of German cases. We will answer your all-important question: what is dative and accusative in German?

  • chaf Ozuna

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    hi B marie.
    ich bin pedro .
    ich wohne in Nürnberg.
    I´m Dominican German.
    wir können Deutsch und Englisch reden.

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