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Living in Dortumnd for a not (yet) german speaker

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Hi everyone,

I am an italian reseacher who has been offered a Job in Dortmund. I have never lived in Germany and I don't speak a word of German (the job is for english speaker). I have lived in UK for three years now (and I am originally from Milan, Italy) and I did not like UK that much though, however I did not also completly dislike it...
I do not really know what to expect from Dortmund..
I was aiming to not have a car (since I do not have a driving license) I am not sure if you can just walk around by yourself and not be scared...
Is Dortmund safe as much as any other big city in the world? Are people friendly?
I am also a person who does not get drunk or go to disco, I like going to restaurant and having hobbies such as cycling or going to a course of Languages...

In conclusion how do you think a 'non-crazy-fun oriented' italian would feel in Dortmund?
Any opinon is very welcome! I really would like to have more clear ideas about this city before accepting the job..

Thank you!

  • Joseph Tadros

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    Hey ill be living in Dortmund for the summer doing research also Ill be working at Fraunhofer Institute. From what I have heard all research is done in English so you should be fine there. I lived in Berlin for 4 months and I barely spoke german so dont worry about the language so much you'll catch on pretty fast (at least the basics).
    Im coming from New Jersey, USA so this is different for me also. Just meet up with people dont be locked up in your room. Find a good group of people to hang out with once you get there and youll be set


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