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Hi there. My name is Kate and I'm 23. I am moving to Essen at the end of February from Chicago. The two flats my employers normally rent out are currently occupied and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions about where to find shared housing in Essen? I would be interested in renting a room. If anyone could make any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Mohamed Salah

    đăng bởi  trong  Essen diễn đàn 

    Hello Kate,

    Do you mean the next February 2014? if so, do you need to look for an apartment as early as this? I wonder cause I will be moving to Essen in April 2014? so do I have to look for an accommodation currently?

    M. Salah

    Edit, I just noticed the date, it was since jan 2009.. sorry for the misunderstanding :)

  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Gerald Nunez

    đăng bởi  trong  Essen diễn đàn 

    check these link

  • đăng bởi Người dùng đã bị xoá trong  Essen diễn đàn 

    I'm not sure about housing, but if you need any help adjusting to the city, just let me know! I've been here for about 2 years so I know a bit about the area, and it would be great to talk to another American (not many of us up in this area I think!) You should be able to contact me here - good luck with the move!

  • đăng bởi  trong  Essen diễn đàn 

    Hi Kate,
    .html They offer lots of shared rooms. Wish you luck!

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