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Hi there, have been living in Sweden for 3 years as a language teacher and thoroughly enjoyed the expat experience over there- doing all sorts of leisure activities with a bunch of like-minded people from different countries was/is just great! Am missing this international exchange a lot so that's why I decided to join...if you are interested in meeting up for a cuppa, go for a walkie, have a bite someplace in Münster...or...or...look forward to hearing from you :)

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    Hello Astrid,

    nice to hear from you - I'd definitely be up for meeting one of these days for a tea/coffee :)
    Am living with my hubby and small daughter of 2 1/2 in Münster Amelsbüren - whereabouts do you live? Depending on where that is we could meet someplace easy to get to for both of us or central Münster if you like.
    Our next week's "schedule" is already quite packed but how about Tuesday November 3, cause it's my free day off work - anything in between 9:15 am to 11:30am (have to pick up my daughter from the daycare centre at around 12) or 13-15:45, or after 7:30 for a drink someplace.
    Have a nice eve !

  • Astrid Vangenechten

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    Dear Tina,

    I have just moved to Münster from Belgium. My husband (we recently got married) works here, so therefore I joined him in Münster.

    I am currently looking for a Job in the area and practising on my German skills (they are a bit Basic a the Moment).

    If you are interested in Meeting for a coffee to Exchange views about living abroad ( I have lived in Paris for 4 years and in California for 6 months), I would love to! It would also help me with my German practise :)

    Kind regards,

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