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Hi, I'm an Italian teacher who has just moved to Maastricht and I'm looking for English lessons and conversation. I'm also available to give Italian classes.

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  • đăng bởi  trong  Maastricht diễn đàn 

    Hey Francesca,

    I realize your post is almost one year old and I'm new to this website, so I'm still getting down to brass tacks.

    Anyway, I'm a Portuguese student in Maastricht and I'll be here until the end of July. I am fluent in English and would gladly teach you the language if you would be willing to teach me Italian in exchange.

    If you are interested, send me a message and I'll give you my mobile phone number and email.



  • Manuel Carballo y Otero

    đăng bởi  trong  Maastricht diễn đàn 

    Hi Francesca, I will be in Maastricht on Friday afternoon and will be pleased to give you English lessons and if you do know of economic accommodation that will help me as I have never been there and don't know anyone there.

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