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Housing in Utrecht

Được đăng trong Utrecht diễn đàn

Hey guys,

Maybe someone of you know somebody who is renting out a flat or a room?
I am an exchange student here and already almost a week I need to live at other people houses because situation with housing in Utrecht is so critical.


  • Gabriel Ruiz

    đăng bởi  trong  Utrecht diễn đàn 

    Hi Stas,

    I'm in Utrecht to start a PhD fellowship in a research group for a year and right now I'm staying with someone who could receive me for a few days but I need to find a place as soon as possible.

    I know of course you must have a roommate or an own place, but I'm having terrible problems to find a place for myself.

    Could you recommend me a way to look for one? Do you know any one looking for a roommate?
    Any ideas please?

    I would be so greatfull if you could help me, you must know how hard this is.

    I'll be waiting for your answer.

    Thank you very much.



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