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What places are the "must-see" in Hong Kong?

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Hi everyone, could you recommed me your favorite places which you would show to a tourist in Hong Kong? Would it be the Big Buddha? Or Po Lin monastery? Or something less known?

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  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của anita win

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    I recommend one: Yau Tsim Mong.
    Reasons for Hong Kong Travel:
    1. Yau Tsim Mong is a fusion of many cultures.
    2. There are many tourist attractions located in the area of Yau Tsim Mong.
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  • Chuyển tới hồ sơ của Karl Schmitt

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    as I relocated to HK I asked myself the same questions....what to see and over all how to get there.... I didn't have a local friend there, but I was lucky to have found an alternative. It was a mobile guide called ask ting ting, it combined travel guide, navigation system and free calls and free internet. This was helpful for me during my first days :-) Now I rent it for my friends when they come to visit me here, especially if they come to HK for the first time, so I think this could be maybe a good general advice for tourists too.

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    Hi Juan,

    thanks so much for such a long list! I appreciate it a lot since they are advices from the local. I will definitely find more information about the things you suggested and hopefully manage to see most of them once I am in Hong Kong.



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