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New Norwegian based work community is now on Internet. Are you looking for job in Norway, Sweden or in any other country in Europe the reg. your CV for free at This website is not more than one week old and are still in the beta test period but there are already jobs available. Come and join the website that have ambitions to be the largest work database world wide.

For workers the use of is for free. Just follow this and you can start looking for job already today. is a company that will provide direct contact between worker and company and is not another company that will earn money by hire worker to the company. We want worker to get in direct contact with company and get a direct contract with company. www.onoffjob.comn is also helpful with papers needed to the government if you don’t want to do that by yourself but this is not free of charge.

On the website you will find helpful information about living in other country, internet, mobile phone, translation, currency and rules and regulations. is based on the idea that worker can communicate directly with company and with other worker and also its possible to find for example business partners or investors.

Hope to se you on the website made for the future work marked.

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Direct contact, direct contract

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