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Offer for Collaboration - Turkish Human Resources & Recruitment Agency

Được đăng trong Qatar diễn đàn

Hello everybody,

We are a specialised human resources & recruitment & training company based in Turkey. We are regularly supplying skilled/semi-skilled and unskilled personnel and experienced professionals to European Union, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Qatar.

The industries we operate in are as below:

· Construction
· Food and Beverages
· Tourism
· Transport
· Mechanics
· Engineering
· Manufacturing
· Electricity
· IT
· Advertising
· Fashion
· Agriculture
· Media
· Materials
· Service
· Infrastructure

and many more...

We are able to provide employers, business solutions, manpower solutions, transport & legal solutions, accountance and connections according to your business needs.

Our services includes but not limited to:

1. Pre-screening of candidates as per requirement of concerned employers
2. Skills Testing at our own testing center
3. Medical Testing
4. Handling of all Governmental & Documentary formalities
5. Ticketing & Travel arrangements

We personally attend the recruiting process and also always welcome your representatives to come and interview the candidates.

Looking forward for collaboration between Turkey and Qatar.


Ortac Oruc
"Work in Qatar"
Folkart Towers No:47/B
35530 Turkey
Phone: +90 5467681412
Fax: +90 8858022
E-mail: ortacoruc AT gmail DOT com

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