Shannons End of Dayz Car Show

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Kingsway Sporting Complex

Spectator Drive, Madeley, Western Australia, 6065, Australia Map

Crazee T's Events and Shannons Insurance proud to presentThe Ultimate Salute to the Australian Car Industryon the 12th March, 2017As a fellow car enthusiast, I'm personally offering you a not to be missed opportunity, to be a part of this once in a lifetime event. It will be black arm bands for everyone as we commemorate the departure of the Holden and Ford manufacturers from our shores.This event promises to be all about the historic and very Australian rivalry of Ford vs Holden, while showcasing some of the best and possibly worst from each camp. Crazee T's Events will be dividing Kingway Sporting Complex into two (2) sections, both having food, trade stalls and kids activities, with a central stage for family friendly Australian entertainment. Participants will be strongly encouraged to “wear their colours with pride”, and join in on the games and activities throughout the day. Choose a side ...Are you Holden or Ford?There will food trucks, kids attractions, market and trade stalls to keep everyone busy and fed."As the owner of a 1962 EJ Holden Special Sedan and a 1967 HR Holden Premier Stationwagon, I am simply one of so many car enthusiasts who will continue to shine their Holden and Ford badges for generations to come. It is the Aussie way ... to hold true to the Lion or the Blue Oval. The Crazee T’s “End of Dayz” event will be a celebration of the history, rivalry and growth of Holden and Ford as the leaders and veterans of the Motor Industry here in Australia. It will be a day filled with memories, competition, rivalry and playful banter between those who own them, drive them, restore them and race them. " ~Toni Brown

On Sunday March 12, 2017 at 11:00 am (ends 4:00 pm)

Category: Exhibitions


End of Dayz -- Holden: AUD 10.00
End of Dayz -- Ford: AUD 10.00

Venue: Kingsway Sporting Complex, Spectator Drive, Madeley, 6065



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