Adnan Ahmed

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Adnan Ahmed
 Adnan Ahmed
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Being affiliated with several of the UKs top universities and colleges virtually guarantees that we will be able to find you a placement for the course you want to study. In addition to our head office in the UK, we have a great team of student counsellors who are on hand to support and guide you on your new journey. In fact, we pride ourselves on giving a personal service, a friendly face to talk too. Whether you are about to depart on your journey, or have arrived in a foreign land and need someone to help with accommodation, airport pick up services and much more. we are here to help you.
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Manchester (United Kingdom)
Ngôn ngữ:
Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Punjabi
Tìm kiếm:
Bạn bè, Hẹn hò, Các địa chỉ kinh doanh liên lạc
Các cộng đồng:
Brunei, China, France, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Berlin, London, Manchester

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AFA Marketing Ltd is a UK based intermediary service provider for educational institutions across the United Kingdom. In short, we help universities and colleges to recruit the best calibre students from overseas. This is great news for you if you are resident outside of the UK and have ambitions to study at some of finest institutions in the world.

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AFA Marketing Ltd
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International Student Recruitment
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AFA Marketing Ltd was established in 2009 to specifically cater for students wishing to study in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada Singapore and Malaysia. AFA has established working relationships with a number of Tier 4 UK Universities, Language centres and Colleges who offer a variety of courses aimed at satisfying the needs and aspirations of students worldwide who appreciate that an International qualification is extremely beneficial for their future career prospects.
0044 161 660 4180
NO 1 Universal Square Devonshire Street North
M12 6JH