Andrew Mc Hugh.

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Andrew Mc Hugh.
 Andrew Mc Hugh.
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Delivering learner-centred, tailor-made English language learning solutions using optimum online learning technology.
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English, French, Italian
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Cooking, Dining out, Sailing/Boating, Wine tasting
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Founder - Director

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  • Andrew Mc Hugh.
     Andrew Mc Hugh.

    My name is Andrew, and I'm a professional, full-time online English language teacher from Dublin. I'm planning to relocate to Malta as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are eased and suitable employment can be secured.

    My background is in education and training, and I have considerable experience of teaching English within traditional classroom settings as well as online. I’m currently involved in several English language teaching projects including teaching adult literacy, general English at all levels, and English for academic purposes, within traditional classroom settings as well as online, using various platforms and methodologies.

    My skills include excellent classroom management, lesson planning, delivering practical interactive, learner-centred lessons, and encouraging the learners to develop their English language skills through targeted and constructive student feedback.

    Please contact me should you require any further information.

    All the best,