Eli Johansen

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Eli Johansen
 Eli Johansen
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What can I say... I'm NOT your typical American guy, if we were in the 1950's yes, but now? HELL NO! Got very disillusioned with the way my country is heading and decided to go on a journey around the globe to find... something. So, I'm 28 years old, have an IT job, love to have conversations with people, especially those that have diametrically opposed views to my own. I work out a lot, enjoy hanging out with friends and partying, chess, martial arts, music (bass), politics, video games and theology (if you dare...). If you want to chat no problem, just drop me a line.
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German, English, French, Italian
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36 các năm
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Những sở thích:
Animals/Pets, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Movies/Videos, Music, Playing cards, Politics, Religion/Spiritual, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Biking, Pool/Snooker, Football (American), Martial Arts, Volleyball
Bài hát ưa thích:
Metal, blues, classic rock, classical, ska, techno, industrial, ambient, drum n' bass.
Những bộ phim ưa thích:
a clockwork orange, pi, fight club, der untergang, matrix (movies that make you think)
Những cuốn sách ưa thích:
1984, brave new worls, the giver, one flew over the cuckoos nest...
Những điều tôi thích:
People who are objective and think outside of the box.
Những điều tôi ghét:
people who have a strong opinion with little to no knowledge to back up that opinion.
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     Eli Johansen

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