Hiking Himalayas

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Hiking Himalayas
 Hiking Himalayas
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Vishma Raj Nepal is the founder of Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition P.Ltd. He has extensive experience of the Nepal tourism industry and has established himself as a renowned guide over the last 10 years. He speaks five languages and has worked with clients of many nationalities. Vishma graduated in Travel and Tourism Management and broadened his knowledge operating tours and treks in the Trans Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. He is a naturally optimistic and positive person with a comprehensive knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for this industry. His ability to understand the needs of his clients, coupled with his wealth of experience, has enabled Vishma to offer a range of packages, (and bespoke programs), that have simply delighted his customers. He takes joy in exploring new destinations for himself and is enthusiastic in introducing potential new routes for his clients. His enthusiasm is infectious and you will quickly come to understand why he is a leader in his field.
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Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition P.Ltd
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Trekking,Hiking,Tours,Climbing,Adventure activities and more...
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Nepal Tourism
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Team Leader/Owner
Manamaiju-8,Kathmandu, Nepal

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  • Hiking Himalayas
     Hiking Himalayas

    Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition is one of the reputed trekking agencies in Nepal specialized in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Mustang Trekking. Remember us for adventure tours, hiking and holidays at Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.