Jacob Chitchyan

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Jacob Chitchyan
 Jacob Chitchyan
Thông tin về quản trị viên:
Hi all. First of all, some words about myself. I'm Jacob, 25 years old, born in Armenia, studied in Armenia and Syria, well - educated, multi-cultured, widely-traveled, hard working, friendly, outgoing, open-minded. Planning to be settled in Turkey or UAE thus searching for a legal job in hospitality and tourism sector (Hotels, Restaurants,Bars, Pubs). Russian and English on advanced level, Arabic - intermediate level.
Đang sống tại:
Ngôn ngữ:
Arabic, English, Russian
Tìm kiếm:
Bạn bè, Hẹn hò, Các địa chỉ kinh doanh liên lạc
36 các năm
Các cộng đồng:
Armenia, Lebanon, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Cá nhân

Những sở thích:
Animals/Pets, Coffee, tea and conversation, Nightclubs/Dancing, Religion/Spiritual, Shopping, Travel/Sightseeing, Football, Swimming, Yoga
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Chuyên nghiệp

Công ty/Cơ quan:
American Database Company, Launge Bar, Restaurant
Nghề nghiệp:
International Relations Diploma, English Language Certificate
Lĩnh vực làm việc:
IT, HoReCa, Hospitality and Tourism, Healthcare
Vị trí:
Database Manager and Coordinator, Launge Bar Manager Administrator
Sự nghiệp trước đây:
Child Care provider

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  • Jacob Chitchyan
     Jacob Chitchyan

    I'm interested in legal jobs in Turkey and UAE. Can anyone help me searching for a job? We can cooperate on mutual profitable terms, the offer of cooperation is more than serious. You can help me get a legal job and you will be greatly appreciated, will be paid solid money. I'm open to discuss any jobs and any suggestions.
    Thanks for your interest and wish you nothing but the best!