Jade Lee

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Jade Lee
 Jade Lee
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Open-minded, friendly and caring, but an introverted person. I'm working on a project to help dogs/cats from animal shelters in Taiwan to get a chance to get adopted in Switzerland. Oversea adoption is not as easy but I'm doing my best trying to save the stray dogs/cats in TW because EVERY LIFE MATTERS. If you're interested in getting involved with this project please feel free to contact me.
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St. Gallen (Switzerland)
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English, Chinese
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Bạn bè, Các địa chỉ kinh doanh liên lạc
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Switzerland, Taiwan, Berne, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Thurgau, Basel, Appenzell, Zürich, Winterthur

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English-Mandarin Chinese translator
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Freelance EN-CN Translator
Vị trí:
Translator and Volunteer at Animal Rescue Team TW
Sự nghiệp trước đây:
EN-CN (both simplified and traditional) translator: translate ultrasonic operating manuals, real-estate, social networking websites English teacher for children in Taiwan. Front Office Supervisor at Golf Resort in Thailand. Assistant Manager at Phuket, S.H. Tours in Thailand. CD/Coffee Shop manager in Taiwan.
St. Gallen
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