Jordan Peevski

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Jordan Peevski
 Jordan Peevski
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English, Macedonian, Serbian
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Boki Dom Real Estate
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Real Estate
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Boki Dom is Real Estate agency from Macedonia and it mediate in trading with properties in Macedonia. We offer information on real estate in Macedonia and how your representation in the Republic of Macedonia. Also we have a large base with a large number of attractive locations for the construction of hotels, factories, business centers, agricultural land. In this moment we are offering very attractive object in city Ohrid which is attractive touristic place under the protection of Unesco. The object is offering for sale . Also we are offering many different kinds of properties for different purposes. If You have interest to invest in Macedonia,or your customers contact me on my e-mail: and phone:+38977616078. p.s. If you want to secure a partner for real estate in Macedonia we expect to contact us. With respect Boki Dom Jordan dooel Skopje Manager Mr.Jordan Peevski
Sava Kovacevic 47z/1-41