Lenka Kuglikova

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Lenka Kuglikova
 Lenka Kuglikova
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I am a co-founder of Liveonriviera.com, a free real estate portal launched in the French Riviera with covering in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East. The portal offers free property listings in multiple languages to reach international clientele worldwide. Listing is 100% FREE of charge, no commissions on sales, no referral fees. Join our network for free https://www.liveonriviera.com/en/job/free-business-listing
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Czech, English, French
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Canada, Latvia

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Real Esate
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  • Lenka Kuglikova
     Lenka Kuglikova

    I am a co-founder of Liveonriviera.com, a global real estate portal site launched in the French Riviera. In collaboration with leading real estate agencies, the portal offers a comprehensive source of information for users interested in renting, selling or buying properties in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

    We are now concentrating on signing up leading local real estate firms and forming tie-ups with major real estate sites, property portals and real estate broker sites worldwide.

    We are now scaling our businesses globally and seeking new business partners, who want to get actively, but also passively involved with liveonriviera.com. People who want to act at a local and global basis.

    Get in touch with me: [...]