Reuven Kupfer

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Reuven Kupfer
 Reuven Kupfer
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Israeli Dead Sea health and beauty soaps manufacturer. Likupfer Soaps based on the Natural Minerals from the Dead Sea and Handmade Goat milk (Cold Process) with Olive Oil Shea Butter. 100% Natural Essential Oils!!! Paraben & SLS FREE!!! This line of products ,was created by our company that deals with soaps for many years with a lot of experience, we build a brand that will give our customers the best quality products, healthy and natural, our products become most popular all over the world. Mail: 9 Yehuda Levi St. Rosh Ahayin,48033, Israel. Tel: +972-77-9511232 Fax: +972-57-7941957 Mobile: +972-54-3100624 USA Tel: +1-410-504-1965 UK Tel: +44-20-3239-9724 Australia Tel: +61-3-9016-0494 Ebay Store: Web Site: E-mail: E-mail :
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Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Baden-Württemberg, Center

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Dead Sea health and beauty products exporter
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Health & Beauty
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9 Yehuda Levi St.
Rosh Ahayin

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