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Tama tama
 Tama tama
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I joined justlanded few years ago when I was new in France and now I am back to Indonesia and am looking for people who can just be a friend to make me speak french and I want to learn Hindi too so If anyone of you living in Jakarta or near Jakarta, Indonesia and willing to help me with this, let me know. For the hindi teacher I could make this as an exchange with either Indonesian or French, or I can also pay you a certain amount of money if you are serious. Can't really give you a lot but try anyhow :) Thanks!
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English, French, Indonesian
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36 các năm
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France, Indonesia, Paris, Ile de France

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  • Caroline Godon
     Caroline Godon

    Bonjour Tamaria ! Comment ça va ?

  • Yulita Rita
     Yulita Rita

    Hi Tamaria,

    Im Indonesian and just arrived France last month... missed to talk in "bahasa Indonesia' in this country.. would you be my friend?

    Yulita - Lyon

  • Balaji Satya
     Balaji Satya

    Hi Tamaria,
    you are so pretty.
    Just wanted to appreciate your beauty. thats all.
    if want to become my friend, you can reply me back.
    If you ask me whether I need your friendship then my answer is simply yes. regards BALA

  • Aryani Kurniawaty
     Aryani Kurniawaty

    Hi Tamaria, would u be my friend?