kezang choden

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kezang choden
 kezang choden
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i am simple living gril and aiways wanting to go for further study to fullfill my dream.
Đang sống tại:
Ngôn ngữ:
English, Hindi
Tìm kiếm:
Bạn bè
Các cộng đồng:
Australia, Bhutan

Chuyên nghiệp

Công ty/Cơ quan:
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Nghề nghiệp:
Diploma in Agriculture
Lĩnh vực làm việc:
Royal Government of Bhutan
Vị trí:
Regulatory Quarantine Inspector

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  • kezang choden
     kezang choden

    Looking for sponsor. Hello to all, I'm kezang Choden from BHUTAN an ASIAN country. If there is anyone with benevolent heart to sponsor my further studies to persuade degree in Agriculture science, please email to me at [...] or call to me at +97517899149. For that I would remain ever grateful and indebted. Thank you in anticipation.