sherief ahmed

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sherief ahmed
 sherief ahmed
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Arabic, German, English
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Italy, Riyadh, Ukraine

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Công ty/Cơ quan:
Premedion GmbH
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Lĩnh vực làm việc:
SPA Consulting & Management Company
Vị trí:
Spa Development Director - Middle East
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, Premedion is a spa consultancy and management company within Deutsche Seereederei group. Premedion started to operate since 2004 from its headquarters located in Hamburg, Germany. Premedion has already brought more than seven years of SPA consultancy and management experience to the SPA industry, working with both Germany and international hotel groups as well as on standalone projects. Our key client in Europe is A-Rosa Resort Group which includes several SPAs, sport & social clubs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This group was initially developed and has being managed by us. To have more information about our spa please visit In 2010, Premedion established a joint venture company and opened a new office in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This new office is intended to operate for the whole Middle East and Asia. Within this short period of time we have already succeeded to manage 12 projects in the region.

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  • sherief ahmed
     sherief ahmed

    WE have several females Spa opening in middle east we are looking urgently for all FEMALE Spa position , such as ( Spa manager, Assistant spa manager, Spa supervisor, Spa massage therapist, Spa Cosmetic therapist, Spa Menecure & Pedicure Therapist, Spa Hammam therapist - we looking only for female as all our projects is Female Spa - if you intrest send me your CV at [...]