4th International symposium and Conference on Creative Education


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Tampre University of Technology

Korkeakoulunkatu, 10, 33720 Tampere, FI 地图

CCE is announcing the 4th International Symposium and Conference on creative education from 7- 11th November 2016. The main theme for this year is 'Engaging minds in creative ways'.

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland cordially invites you to participate and celebrate the creativity in Education.These are series of an internationally refereed symposium and seminars dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education. We have a group of world renowned educators and experts in the field of education who will be presenting their ideas about Creativity of Education and education system, in general. The teachers, principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are encouraged to send their papers/ ideas for this symposium. We would like to create a forum for exchange of information pertaining to the latest outstanding developments in the field of creativity and learning. For the exchange of ideas, we invite you to see the Finnish schools, meet Finnish teachers and experts on creative education in our 4 day program. The conference will be conducted as a part of this program.

Who can attend?

Researchers and Teachers (per-primary, primary, secondary and higher section), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas of creativity which can be used in teaching school subjects. Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. We are also encouraging government representatives who can present government educational policies and their research. If you want to understand the secret of success of Finnish education system, this is the right platform for you! Paper or Poster Presentation is not mandatory for attending the Symposium.

Themes for papers:

Engaging environments
Creative schools- an experiment- case studies
Creative pedagogy
Teaching for engagement
Engaging children in creative ways
Using media for creative engagements
Effects of positive engagement

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