A New, Non-Toxic & Effective Pharmacological Treatment of Cancer


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A FREE Conference Every Person with Cancer, Their Relatives and Oncologists Must Attend!

In 2011, cancer became the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 4 to 14 and adults in all the Canadian provinces.

All cancers are curable and have been curable for centuries if they are removed completely with a surgery early in the development of the disease. But those tumours that are inoperable or have migrated to other organs or tissues (metastasized) they are almost invariably lethal today despite our apparent progress in traditional chemotherapy and immunotherapy
Only 2% of inoperable and metastatic cancers are curable today with or current treatment approaches, this includes some rare forms of leukaemias, lymphomas, testicular seminoma, and few other rare tumours.

Unfortunately, most patients with inoperable or metastatic cancers mistakenly believe that the traditional chemotherapy they are receiving can cure them when in reality all die.

In this conference, Dr. Frank Arguello would like to invite cancer patients with inoperable and metastatic cancer to consider enrolling in a new and revolutionary clinical trial for the treatment of cancer, which was initiated in 2011, and with which he has achieved complete regression of advanced cancers in patients by using a new and non-toxic form of therapy Involving a combination of FDA-approved drugs, and originally intended for other types of diseases.


Dr. Frank Arguello
Director, Atavistic Chemotherapy Clinical Trial
Frm. Assistant Professor of Oncology, and Pediatrics Hem/Onc., University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Rochester, New York USA.
Frm. Senior Scientist, Division of Cancer Treatment,

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Artists / Speakers: Dr. Frank Arguello

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