Preview Into Dhyan Vimal's 6 Rites of Creation and Meditation- March 7


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For most, life is just a by-product of an unconscious happening, not a deliberate and conscious action. The 6 Rites of Creation offer you some of the most powerful tools you can learn to wake up as someone who can shape and effect life. The rites are practical tools you can use in every aspect of life. As you start living and embodying the rites, you will create the reality you choose and want to live out.

Join us for a mini preview into The Six Rites of Creation- Waking The Creator in You that will be happening in Toronto March 20-25. During the preview a facilitator will guide you through the 6 rites using:

• Lectures by Dhyan Vimal
• Mudras (Embodiment tools)
• Meditations
• Ancient Breathing Techniques
• The Samadhi Sleep Method
• Personal and Group Exercises.

Date: Saturday March 7
Time: 11am-6.30pm
Fee: $40
Location: Downtown, Toronto

Full 5 Day Program
Date: March 20-25
Fee: $700
Location: Downtown, Toronto

To register for the preview go to

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga


General Admission: CAD 40.00




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