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AURA is a unique holistic training solutions providing organization in Dubai Silicon Oasis that passionately works on developing student’s inside out.Tailor made programs designed as per your learning style.
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    Want to Boost your SAT MATH Score?

    A good score in SAT can open doors to a bright future, while a poor one can limit your options. But with the right guidance and authentic material you can easily achieve the desired score.

    In this blog, I will be talking about how to boost your score on SAT MATH. The SAT Math tests consist of a calculator and no-calculator section with a total of 58 questions completed over the course of 80 minutes. Most of these questions are multiple-choice, but 13 are grid-in questions.
    Skills are assessed in three major content areas that are:

    Heart of Algebra,
    Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and
    Passport to Advanced Math.

    In addition to this content, there is also some geometry and trigonometry on the test that falls under the category of Additional Topics in Math.
    I personally recommend having a clear understanding of the syllabus before you start the preparation. Know about the resources and preparation technique. Also, you should be aware of which topics are heavily tested in SAT Math. I will write about those in my next blog.
    Math is all about learning and applying. The amount of time you invest in learning is wasted if not tested through the mock tests.

    The plan that I suggest to all my students at AURA is to start with Diagnostic test, followed by Classroom training – Post Training Mock test – Review – Final mock.

    A diagnostic test is a must for students taking the SAT. This really decides the training path for the student. At AURA we give personal attention to each student in the classroom and hence always draw different training plans for each student.
    Classroom training must be taken seriously. Being disciplined, punctual with an attitude to learn are the best tools for the student’s tool kit. I believe in a two-way strategy. First, understand concepts and practice a few questions. Second, revise the concepts at home and practice more questions. More the exposure to various sets of questions, higher the confidence in comprehending questions and solving them successfully.
    Here is what I don’t recommend, first, don’t stress about the time management aspect during the initial stage of SAT Prep. Second, don’t start with learning short cuts. Although short cuts are time saving, you may not be able to apply them in all conditions.

    Having said that, don’t confuse between tips and short cuts. These are 2 different terms.
    Tips include how to comprehend certain words in questions, formulae to apply, theorems to relate to before you start solving. Shortcuts include a time saving method to solve and mark answers with less amount of pen work.
    Once you have completed a couple of topics and gaining confidence, take a mock test. This will help you to access the capability to solve, manage time, maintain accuracy and recall concept.
    SAT doesn’t have a vast course, but yes would test you on a lot of skills. So be prepared.

    Choose AURA for all your Exam Prep needs, we specialize in SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, PTE, ACT etc.