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new born baby visa

 Posted in Saudi Arabia forum 26 Aug 2010, 16:49

i am currently working in ksa with family vsa wife went to india for delivery. can i bring back my new born baby with out any separate visa.

  • J. Yousuf

    new born baby visa

    posted by  J. Yousuf in  Saudi Arabia forum 31 Aug 2010, 07:24

    in such cases the official process is, you need to issue a new passport to your new born baby and do the exit from India Passport Dept. same as his mother, you need no entrance visa for him/her. But the most important point is, you have to remind your wife that when she arrived to the Air Port of Saudi Arabia she has to make sure that the police officer has to stamp entrance to your new baby born on his/her own passport. then you need to pay SR 2000 for him/her for his new Iqama (paying SR2000 coz his/her case is smae like new recruitment).
    all the best

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    New born baby visa

    posted by  xavio ben in  Saudi Arabia forum 04 Sep 2010, 15:35

    Hi Yousuf,
    Thank you for your reply.But I have one doubt.Should I pay sr 2000 in air port?.My family visa is sponsered by the is it possible to pay this amount later by the company when preparing the iquama for the new born baby?.

  • J. Yousuf

    New born baby visa

    posted by  J. Yousuf in  Saudi Arabia forum 06 Sep 2010, 20:45

    the payment of the fees shall be made later when you process your child iqama ,,on other word, its your sponsor who will shoulder it..

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    new born baby visa

    posted by  mohammed salim abdul gani in  Saudi Arabia forum 19 Nov 2010, 18:39

    Thanks mr. yousuf for your valuable information.

    i need to clear one more point that i will get new passport for my new born baby. after i received the new passport should i need to get visa stamped on new passport for my baby ?? or i can buy air ticket for my new baby and directly go to indian airport to travel to riyadh with my wife.

    your quick response will be highly appreciated



  • s.w.k

    posted by Deleted user in  Saudi Arabia forum 03 Mar 2011, 06:02

    hey mr. yousuf u r doing a great job...
    i am having the same problem.... but can i make visit visa for a 3 months new born child.... if yes.... what will be the procedure to avail visit visa.... i dont wish to keep my family in KSA.

    please help

  • J. Yousuf

    new born baby visa

    posted by  J. Yousuf in  Saudi Arabia forum 03 Mar 2011, 12:28

    what is your occupation as stated in your Iqama, also what is the status of the child's mother, i mean where is she.

  • s.w.k. mr. yousuf

    posted by Deleted user in  Saudi Arabia forum 05 Mar 2011, 07:03

    my occupation in iqama is rassaam al mechanici (mechanical draftsman -- technical)... and my family is in india now with their exit-rentry of one year from july 2010 to july 2011....


  • J. Yousuf

    new born baby visa

    posted by  J. Yousuf in  Saudi Arabia forum 05 Mar 2011, 07:12

    i understand, you mean your wife has gone to India to deliver her new baby (place of argument), its very easy and simple dear Siraj, just ask her to furnish your baby'a passport along with her passport to Saudi Embassy either in N. Delhi, or the Consulate of Saudi Arabia throughout India for obtaining entrance visa to KSA, when they arrive you must report to MOI, Department of Passport after paying SR. 2000 as fees for your baby's permenant Iqama within three month from the date of arriving to KSA otherwise you shall be subjected to fine of SR. 500
    if you stil hestiate, feel free to write to me..

  • HI

    posted by Deleted user in  Saudi Arabia forum 05 Mar 2011, 07:24

    Mr. Yousuf, thx for ur generous reply

    I dont want to keep my family in KSA for long time.. i want my family to just enter because they r having return tickets to KSA... and after one month i want to make there exit as i dont wish to work with my company as they r not increasing my payment after a hard work... i can bring my wife and one kid with there exit rentry visa... but the problemis of new born baby... frankly speaking i dont have too much money now to afford 2000 riyal for new visa... as i have to pay there india tickets after they come to KSA... i guess the visit visa for new born will be a cheaper one.. but i am not sure...can i get it or no


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